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What do I need to know about owning a pet pig?

What type of litter do pet piglets use?     

  Equine Pine pellets or Feline Pine is the safest litter to use for your pet pig. Other types of litter are made to clump when wet, causing a blockage internally if eaten.

Teacup micro mini pig litter

What does piggy poop look like? Does pig poop smell bad?

  Piggy poop looks like small pellets clumped together. By feeding a mini pig a healthy diet, foul smelling poop is not typical.

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What type of kennels are best when I bring my piggy home?

  *A kennel that you can bend down and pick up your new piglet out of works best. Always make sure it is piggy proof before putting your baby in there for the first time. You’ll want to secure the bottom to prevent your piggy from lifting it with it’s nose.

Pet pig cage crate bed
It’s important to secure the bottom for your piggy’s safety.

Will my new pet pig play with toys?

  *Piglets love rooting balls and anything they can push around and explore with their nose.  Rooting mats are a favorite among piggy parents, too. Make sure nothing they play with can be too small to ingest.

Pet pig toy crate

Do pigs like to cuddle?

  *Like any animal, the more love and affection you give it, the more love and affection it will give back. Pet pigs are no exception. In fact, pigs have four less emotions than humans.. making them capable than most animals to be a furry companion emotionally. That being said, pigs bond STRONGLY to their families. Please be sure when you adopt a pig from any breeder that it is a lifelong long commitment. Rehoming a pig is extremely difficult on them emotionally.

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What will my pet pig look like when it’s time to go home?

  *Your breeder should keep you posted with pictures throughout the entire process of adopting your baby. We ask that you message us and ask us for pictures. We get busy and want to make sure you are staying updated as much as you like. Sometimes the spotted babies can look a little pink when they first get their picture taken, or spots will appear smaller in photos than when they will go home. Most pet pigs will darken in color as the age. Sometimes your baby has a bit to grow and mature before you take him/her home, and they are often even prettier when they go home than when we first took their glamour photos!

Pet pig 8 weeks old

How do I hold a mini pig?

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