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How does the reservation list work?


Place A Deposit

It is $275 to reserve a piggy. The remaining balance of $550 is due at time of pick up. OUR BABIES WILL NOT GO HOME UNTIL APROX. 8 WEEKS OLD. If you are paying for transportation, the remaining balance including the transport amount is due one week prior to your piglet leaving.


Master List

Once received, your deposit/reservation
is added to our Master List. (You'll receive a confirmation email once we receive payment within 24 hours.)
Advantage: This allows you flexibility in selecting the exact piggy you want.



We keep track of our Master List. We place you in order of the next momma due to deliver. We can give you a time frame on when your baby will be born for you choose from. Advantage: You know when you're going to be able to choose your baby.


Availability to Move Up Sooner

Not every family chooses from the litter that's available. Perhaps they are desiring a certain color or sex. Advantage: Even though there are other families in front of you, there are times when a piggy may be available.


Your Deposit Is Safe

You never lose your place if you change litters.
Advantage: If you have a family emergency or want to wait until a later date, you won't lose your deposit with us.


Start Studying!

After we receive your deposit, we'll send you a welcome letter with a form to fill out. This helps us get a better feel for where our baby is going. We'll also provide you with the link to our private educational website filled with lots of information.
Advantage: We help you get prepared! Mini pigs make great pets, but are very different than a dog or cat. Knowledge and prep is a must.

We Welcome Visitors Before Adoption

Make Sure Can Own A Mini Pig

Make sure you live in an area that allows pet mini pigs. The board of zoning is usually your first start to check.

Contact Us

There's wrong information everywhere about mini pigs. Don't hesitate to reach out if you have any questions.


We strive to be caring and have a positive atmosphere.

Thanks for all the love!

"Clean and well kept facility. We got a mini pig here last year and are very pleased. Jennah is friendly and knowledgeable. We’re getting another little piggy from her soon. Highly recommend."
Alley S.
"Absolutely love our pig. Jenna was very helpful and answered all of or questions. She continues to be helpful and stays in touch. So happy with our first piggy from Violet's, we got another. Love both our piggies."
Robert H.
"We have our piggy just over a year now. Violet's Mini Pig's is honest and educates in every aspect of mini pig ownership. She had us tour her home and property where all the different breeding moms and dads are. Talked about their temperament and the importance of spay or neuter. It was a great experience and she continues to help or any answer any question people may have as their ownership goes on. Violets Mini Pigs is well worth the drive!"
Darryl Z.