Who is Violet’s Mini Pigs


Violets Mini Pigs – We care about pets and pigs plain and simple!

 We don’t support fad sized pigs.. a lot of people starve the babies to stay teeny tiny and that is incredibly unhealthy. Pigs do not stop growing until they are at least four years age. They can breed however, as young as a 4 months of age. A lot of people (breeders and farmers-hobbyists) allow their pigs to breed as soon as they are able. A pig’s gestation is around 4 months…by the time the first litter of babies arrive, in most cases, the momma is still under a year of age herself. (This happened to my first pet piggy I got from a terrible breeder years ago… she was supposed to be a mini and was a large hog by her first year). By the time the babies are born and weaned and ready to go home- even if you ask to see the mom and she appears very small in size- the mom is not done growing yet.

    Often people do not even keep their stock long enough to even see their breeders finish growing to their actual full grown size. Once the family takes the baby home, they are under the impression that the piglet should stay a fairly small size full grown, but in reality, the mom herself is not done growing and continues to grow for years. That makes it impossible for the new piglet’s family to have any ‘accurate’ idea of the full grown size their new pet will actually be.

   Much to the new family’s surprise, 2 years later or sooner, they have a hog…… It is sad…. it isn’t only incredibly heartbreaking for the families, but it is very irresponsible of other pig breeders to allow this to happen. Pig sanctuaries are flooded with incredibly large hogs that were once sold as “nanos and pocket pets”. After I got taken advantage of by a breeder years ago, I decided to search out high and low to see if there even was such a thing as a mini pig…

   I had heard SO MANY conflicting arguments as to whether they even existed!! I visited numerous farms, spoke to rescues, spoke to breeders, spoke to hobbyists that just had one or two piggies to breed… I quickly found out from some great resources that all these pigs were being bred before any one knew how big they were actually going to be full grown.

   We DO NOT breed our parents until they are full grown. THAT ensures everyone that the parents are absolutely full grown before they reproduce. It has been worth it for us to not see others go thru the pain that we did of having to rehome our first pet pig. (She is on a huge farm living out a happy life with large pigs her size).


                                                                             Questions about us?

 The mini pig industry is, unfortunately, one of the most scam-filled pet industries on the market.  Because of this, it is important to be as honest and open for all of our clients as possible.

  We are close in geographic location to several different breeders in our area. Although we have attempted to reach out to them several times to work together with them for the betterment of the pigs, they are unwilling to work with us.  

  Malicious rumors have been spread by them about our pigs and piglets being diseased, sick, full of mange, along with numerous other outrageous claims in an attempt for them to gain further business.  A ripoff report was made (this company makes money by charging the affected business a hefty amount of money to bury their web page report on the front page of the Google search engine) against us along with lots of malicious Facebook group gossip that we refuse to take part in. Every mini pig breeder has had to deal with the same thing on some level or another, sadly. 

  We are certain it will continue as we will continue to not take part in the nonsense.

  God commands us in Romans 12:17 to:

  “Repay no one evil for evil, but give thought to do what is honorable in the sight of all.”

  If you or anyone has any questions at all about any of this or the claims against us, please do not hesitate to contact us.  Being an ethical breeder, sending home healthy pigs and piglets, spaying and neutering our animals, and doing our part in helping to rescue and rehome unwanted pigs is where the focus should be in this industry.  Serving God is the forefront of it ALL.