Adopt a baby today!

We have been blessed to now have a waiting list on our sweet babies & are accepting deposits on our teacup pet mini pigs!

How does it work?

  We are proud to be working off of a deposit system. Families place a deposit on the baby they would like (Ex: male, female, spotted, pink, blue, etc) and pick their baby according to the order their deposit was placed.

This offers many advantages to you:

*It allows us time to educate you on the needed information for caring and owning your baby.

*It gives you time to get your questions answered.

*It gives you time to prepare for your piggy to come home.

*It allows both to meet and get to know other pig owners in the Violet’s Mini Pig’s community to gain added support in raising your baby.

*You will get the exact color, temperment, look, and potty trained baby you want! 🙂

How does a deposit work?

  Order of placement: According to the order you placed the deposit is how you pick your baby (Ex: if you are first to place a deposit on our August litter, you will have first choice to pick out your piglet… if you are second to place a deposit on our August litter, you would have second choice..and so on).

 You are welcome to contact us before placing a deposit to ask where on the waiting list you would be at:

  If all babies are chosen for one litter, your deposit will be moved to the next litter. It helps to let us know your choice of color and sex in order to get the piglet you desire.
Our mommas are very small full grown and do not have very many babies. Most have 4-6 piglets per litter, but to prevent too many deposits, we stop at 4 deposits and contact you if momma has more.

Once my deposit is placed:  The deposit is $275. The deposit is NON-REFUNDABLE, but can move your deposit to a future litter should the need arise. The remaining balance is due at time of pick up if you are driving into our farm. If you are paying for transportation, the remaining balance including the transport amount is due one week prior to your piglet leaving in order for us to confirm all transports, acquire your baby’s crate, and get all necessary documents needed to travel. We will take care of all of this for you.

When my litter is born: We allow up to 14 days for momma and piglets to become acclimated to each other before we ask you to make a decision on which baby (according to your order in deposit) you choose.

Time to decide: Once we begin going down the list, we ask that you take no more than 48 hours to choose your piggy or wait until another litter. This is out of respect of the next excited family in line to choose.
If you are local, you are welcome to come out to our farm to pick out your baby in person. We do understand schedules and busy lives, and are flexible on the 48 hour time line. We send beautiful glamour “pig-tures” of each baby in the process. FaceTiming or Skyping is also available.

Can I transfer my deposit: You may transfer your deposit one time IF it is within one week of placing the initial deposit. This allows us proper time to screen potential families for a new home for your baby.  You will be required to place an additional $275 deposit that comes out of your balance owed on your next baby to ensure commitment to your new baby. All deposits are NON REFUNDABLE and you ARE responsible for checking to ensure you are cleared to own a mini pig in your area prior to placing your deposit. We do not refund deposits for any reason.

Included with adoption of $775 will be:

*Spay/Neuter from Our Licensed Vet (never buy a male who is not vet neutered)

*Vaccinations Good for 6 Months

*Deworming Good for 6 Months

*30 day treatment of Revolutio

*Microchipping and a Free Online Lifetime Microchip Registration

 *Litter Box Training 

*Vet Certification and Veterinarian Inspection Showing Outstanding Health Before Adoption for all out of State Residents

 *Private Access to Our Educational Pet Pig Owner Website to Keep You Educated On Raising Your Mini Pig

 *Adoptee Only Private Non Judgemental Drama Free Pig Owner Facebook Support Groups that are Focused on Pig Behavior, Nutrition, Support, Training, and Care 

 *Lifetime Breeder Support

 *One Year Health Guarantee 

*Free Lifetime Vaccinations For Local Piggy Owners

 *Consultation & Education Before and After Your Piglet Goes Home

*Sponsor a owner program to assist in raising your baby