Our Qualifications As A Breeder

Mini Pigs Operation Licensing and Identification

At Violet’s Mini Pigs, we want to be as upfront, honest, and ethical as possible as a mini pigs breeder. With that comes with following all state and federal guidelines needed to own and operate and breed mini pigs in our state and country. https://violetsminipigs.org/licenses/e do our best to be within the regulation of all laws. It is not only best for you as a pet owner, it is best for the well-being of the animal, too. With that being said, what is needed legally?


On a federal level with the USDA, being licensed is not an option at this moment as a breeder. Since we fall into the category of breeding livestock, swine is unable to be licensed and is not covered under the Animal Welfare Act.  If you would like to read more information about this, please visit this link:   http://www.aphis.usda.gov/wps/portal/aphis/ourfocus/animal welfare

 Just to be absolutely sure that we were following all regulations, we contacted the USDA. Below is our correspondence confirming what we just explained:

Mini Pig Breeder Licensing Mini Pig Breeder License Correspondence


Premise Identification and Farm Registration

The Indiana Board of Animal Health has three requirements for us as a breeder:

*Register and track the animals on our farm with the board of animal health-therefore we are required to register our farm with the Indiana Board of Animal Health

*Vet check, microchip, and register your mini pig when it leaves the state of Indiana

*For our mini pigs sold in state… to provide documentation to you to register your household with a premise I.D.

If you have any questions about registering your pig or on the requirements of mini pig breeders for the state of Indiana, please call the Indiana BOAH:



Our farm is registered with the Indiana Board of Animal Health:Violets Mini Pigs is registered with the Indiana State Board of Animal Health

*Our address has been whited out on the card for privacy.