Deposit Babies

We are currently accepting deposits on our babies! 

   We are proud to be working off of a deposit system. Families place a deposit on the baby they would like (Ex: male, female, spotted, pink, blue, etc) and pick their baby according to the order their deposit was placed.

 This offers many advantages to you:

*It allows us time to educate you on the needed information for caring and owning your baby.

*It gives you time to get your questions answered.

*It gives you time to prepare for your piggy to come home.

*It allows both to meet and get to know other pig owners in the Violet’s Mini Pig’s community to gain added support in raising your baby.

*You will get the exact color, temperment, look, and potty trained baby you want! 🙂

Included with adoption of $775 will be:

*Spay/Neuter from Our Licensed Vet (never buy a male who is not vet neutered)

*Vaccinations Good for 6 Months

*Deworming Good for 6 Months

*30 day treatment of Revolutio

*Microchipping and a Free Online Lifetime Microchip Registration

 *Litter Box Training 

*Vet Certification and Veterinarian Inspection Showing Outstanding Health Before Adoption for all out of State Residents

 *Adoptee Only Educational Pet Pig Owner Website to Keep You Educated On Raising Your Mini Pig

 *Adoptee Only Private Non Judgemental Drama Free Pig Owner Facebook Support Groups hat are Focused on Pig Behavior, Nutrition, Support, Training, and Care 

 *Lifetime Breeder Support

 *One Year Health Guarantee 

*Free Lifetime Vaccinations For Local Piggy Owners

 *Consultation & Education Before and After Your Piglet Goes Home

*Sponsor a owner program to assist in raising your baby

>For more information on how the deposit system works, click here:

Deposit Information

*Below are the exotic shades of colors our daddy and mommas bless us with:

(All babies are Violet’s Mini Pigs)